InfraWorks 360 2015 R3 is Here!

Happy holidays to all!

All I want for Christmas is the next version of InfraWorks and guess what, I GOT IT!

InfraWorks 360 2015 R3 is now available for all to enjoy! Where do you get it? Well, if you have a prior version installed, just go check out the Autodesk Application Manager on your system and you can find it there. Don’t know where that is? Go to your Windows Start Menu and start typing “Autodesk Application Manager” and you’ll find it.

Autodesk Application Manager

Autodesk Application Manager

So, what are some of the new features?


Well, there’s a new streamlined home page. It’s much cleaner and less cluttered then the older version. Plus, you don’t have to close your model to get back here! Want to go see something on the home screen? Just click the home icon and then click back on your model and you’re back!

New Home Page

New Home Page


Add animations to your model! Want to see that tower crane rotate? Want to see that wind turbine spinning? You can do that now! Personally, I haven’t had a chance to try this one yet but I’m definitely looking forward to getting into it!

Model Builder

Model Builder has graduated into a full fledged feature! It’s no longer in the preview state! What’s new? Well, you are no longer required to use a rectangular selection. What this means is, for example, if you have a corridor type project you are working on, you can select just the area along your corridor and not approach the data limit by selecting all that unwanted/unneeded area!

Model Builder Polygonal Selection

Model Builder Polygonal Selection

Mapped Network Drive Support

So, you want your model backed up on a network drive? Now you can do that! To keep things moving quickly when working in a shared location, InfraWorks creates a tile cache on your local drive (which you can specify the location for).

Set Local Cache for Network Models

Set Local Cache for Network Models

Drainage Design

If you haven’t taken a look at the drainage design features, they are pretty cool and getting better with each release. In this release, you’ll have more options on how to control the spacing of the structures, types of structures, and cover over your pipes when creating a drainage network for a design road.

Drainage Network Options

Drainage Network Options

Additionally, you’ll be able to create your own custom drainage content using the Autodesk Labs technology preview called Project Kameleon (yes, it’s spelled with a K). If you are interesting in trying out this new technology, click HERE for more details.

Project Kameleon

Project Kameleon

Enhanced Civil 3D Workflow

In my opinion, this is the big one for this release! You’ll be able to import a Civil 3D drawing directly into InfraWorks and you’ll be able to open an InfraWorks model in Civil 3D! For this to work, you must have the Civil 3D 2015 Service Pack 2 as well as the Productivity Pack 1 installed. Want to import that Civil 3D drawing? It shows up as a data connection. Made a change to the Civil 3D drawing and you want to see the new updates? Simply re-import the drawing and you’re done.

Want to start doing some detailed design in Civil 3D using the data from InfraWorks? Simply import the model into Civil 3D and away you go!

Open in Civil 3D and Configuration Settings

Open in Civil 3D and Configuration Settings

Oh, so you want to open your model in Civil 3D? Well, fear not for I’ve written a post on my other blog with the instructions on how to do that HERE.

And More!

I didn’t list all the new features, want to check it all out? Click HERE for the online help showing what’s new.

So, what are you most excited about? What did Autodesk do right? What did they do wrong? What’s still missing? Leave a comment for others to see!



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