Planning Roads Catch Point

Planning Roads Catch Point

So, you’re running InfraWorks without the roadway design tools and you want to adjust how quickly your roadway ties into the existing ground? Well, look no further! You’ve found how to do it!

Here’s the problem, I have a planning road in InfraWorks that has a vertical tie in. Yuck. How horrible is that?

Vertical Catch Slope

Vertical Catch Slope

Where do I change it? If I’m using the design roads, I can just add a slope zone but, I’m not. This is controlled through the road style. Not sure what style your road is using? Simply select the road, right click, and choose “Properties”.

Roadway Properties

Roadway Properties

Once you’ve figured out which style it is, simply edit the style. Find the style in the style palette, select it, and choose the “Edit Style” button (it looks like a pencil).

Once you are editing the style, all you have to do is change the value for the Right Groups “group height transition zone width/track main category”

Edit the stle

Edit the style

Now that you’ve done that, sit back, relax, and watch your model update!

Sloped Walls

Sloped Walls


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