Bing Imagery in InfraWorks

How did I not know you could do this? Did you know you can bring Bing Images directly into InfraWorks360?

Here it is before. I exported an IMX file from one model to make a new model (doing some testing) and the imagery doesn’t come along with an IMX file.

Boring Model

Boring Model

After bringing the Bing imagery in, it’s much better!

Exciting Model!

Exciting Model!

To do this, simply add the Bing imagery as a data source. To learn how to bring up the data source connections in InfraWorks, simply click HERE.

On the Data Sources panel, click on the “Add database data source” button. This is to the right of the one you would typically click to connect to data.

Add database data source

Add database data source

Now, simply choose the Bing data type and the imagery level you want. The larger the number, the higher the detail in the image. For my example, anything less then 17 seemed to be insufficient to show the necessary detail and using 19 took quite a while to load. You’ll need to balance performance with the data you need.

Choose the data

Choose the data

This will work great if you create a model using Model Builder but need better resolution for your images!


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