InfraWorks 360, Get More for Less!

Have you considered purchasing InfraWorks 360 but thought to yourself, “Man, all this choosing modules things is just too confusing!”?

Northing Easy

Autodesk just announced a simplified approach to InfraWorks! You no longer have to choose which modules you want, you simply get them all!



When you purchase InfraWorks 360, you get InfraWorks, the Roadway, Drainage, and Bridge modules, all included!

But Wait

Now, I’m sure your thinking, “What is this going to cost me? It must be a LOT of money for all this added value!” and there, you would be wrong!

How much would you pay for this

Autodesk is actually REDUCING the cost for InfraWorks 360! That’s right, REDUCING!

Sorry for the infomercial themed post, I couldn’t resist. I just couldn’t help but think of Ron Popeil!

All kidding aside, here’s the real deal…

Autodesk has decided to simplify the purchasing, installing, and managing of InfraWorks 360. The modules are all now included in the base version of InfraWorks 360. If you currently have InfraWorks 360, all you have to do is download the latest version and you’ll have access to all the modules. Additionally, Autodesk is reducing the cost to access these tools.

If you have the version of InfraWorks that comes with one of the design suites (Infrastructure Design Suite Premium/Ultimate or Building Design Suite Ultimate), you won’t have access to these modules. Instead, you’ll get InfraWorks 360 LT (Limited Technology). InfraWorks LT doesn’t have the three modules, model builder, or the ability to sync to InfraWorks360.

The following table will give you an idea of what each version will provide. If you have InfraWorks 360 LT and need the something that’s not included, you’ll need to purchase InfraWorks 360.

InfraWorks 360 InfraWorks 360 LT
Intuitive user experience
Sketching and layout capabilities
Quickly create multiple proposals
Create model with imported data (CAD, 3D model, GIS, raster)
Dynamic site analysis
Measure distances and areas
Shadow and lighting analysis
Theme palettes
Automate model creation
Access GIS data from USGS, OpenStreetMap, and more
Point cloud enhancements
Visual storytelling
Realistic visual effects
Explore live models in the cloud
Screencast recorder
Manage and publish models
Quantitative, real-time feedback
Perform cloud data translation
Autodesk cloud credits
Model network storage
Migrate roads and pipe networks to Civil 3D
Import detailed Civil 3D objects
Export data to other design tools (WaveFront, Collada, Autodesk IMX)
3D Collada models with animation
Standards-driven roadway design
Standards-driven intersections
Standards-driven road markings
AutoCAD Civil 3D drawing creation
Profile optimization
Slope and fixed width grading
Sight distance analysis
Data migration from Civil 3D to Roadway Design
Data migration to Civil 3D from Roadway Design
Review material quantities
Check conformance to clearance envelopes (bridge quantities)
Lay out rule-driven girder bridges (precast girder catalog)
Evaluate multiple bridge design alternatives
Data migration from Civil 3D to Bridge Design
Data migration to Civil 3D from Bridge Design
Standards-driven watershed analysis
Delineate watersheds (cloud service)
Standards-driven culvert placement and sizing
Storm sewer network modeling (culvert reporting)
Drainage catalog and quantities
Automated pavement drainage layout
Inlet and pipe design
Outfalls design
Data migration from Civil 3D to Drainage Design
Data migration to Civil 3D from Drainage Design