Adaptive Trees and Simplified Trees

Adaptive Trees and Simplified Trees

There are quite a few new things that are available in InfraWorks 2018, one of them is adaptive trees and simplified trees. Adaptive trees have been around for a bit (well, an adaptive tree that is). In the initial 2018 release, two more adaptive trees have been added, bringing the total up to 3.

Adaptive trees are available in the style palette under 3D Mode/Vegetation/Adaptive Trees. The three trees that are available are Beach Tree, Spruce Tree, and Spruce Tree Snow. As you zoom in and out on these trees, they will automatically change there level of detail to help InfraWorks perform well.

Adaptive Trees.png

Adaptive Trees

InfraWorks also has a new concept called “Simplified Trees”. This isn’t a new model, like the adaptive trees, but a different way of displaying things. When you create a view (or you can edit an existing view), you can set the trees to display as simplified trees. One of the default views that comes with InfraWorks, the “Engineering View” has this set as the default. The same image we are looking at for the adaptive trees above, looks like this when the “Engineering View” is set:


Simplified Trees

The option to display your trees as simplified trees is simply an option in the view. When creating or editing a view, simply turn off the realistic trees option.


Turn on simplified trees

This setting should greatly improve the performance of InfraWorks as you are doing your design.

What do you think? Is this a good workflow? Do you plan on using it? Let me know in the comments.